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Practical Applications and Challenges of OpenAI Embeddings and Retrieval-Augmented Generation

Would you like to understand the pitfalls encountered in developing OpenAI?Would you like to understand how to unlock Embeddings and Retrieval-Augmented Generation to enable GPT models to generate meaningful content, even without the unique know-how of enterprises? Then hurry up and click in, and leave with a wealth of knowledge!The ChatBot developed by OpenAI was launched in November 2022 and subsequently caused a sensation and had a profound impact on various industries. The author started with a wait-and-see attitude, tried using it for a while, and eventually decided to join ChatGPT Plus. As a daily user of GPT, experiencing its benefits first-hand, it not only significantly accelerates the learning speed of individual technical knowledge and work efficiency but also brings benefits in other aspects of life. It is considered by the author to be the most directly helpful and least resistant new technology in recent years, after 3D printers, VR/AR, and Web3.

Walking around between Red Team and Blue Team - Purple Man, My Superman

I'm glad that I can share some interesting insights that I've been following daily at CYBERSEC 2023 Taiwan. Red-Blue confrontation happens all the time. Red team uses new vulnerabilities and techniques to attack, while Blue team can use various mechanisms and protection to interrupt the attack. This article will introduce some useful tips and tools.

The Hidden Dangers of CDNs: Why CDNs May Not Be as Secure as You Think

Content distribution networks (CDNs) are an important part of the modern Internet, providing fast and reliable connections and network resources to users around the world. However, while CDNs offer many benefits, they also introduce new security risks that many people may not be aware of. In this article, we'll explore the hidden dangers of CDNs and examine why CDNs may not be as secure as you think. Explore how to protect yourself and your business from these potential security risks that CDNs might introduce. This article will help you better understand the potential risks involved with CDNs and how to mitigate them.

From Start to Finish:A Deep Dive into How Cymetrics Manages Product Development Process

When facing rapidly evolving customer segments and opportunities, continuously identifying sweet spots is one of the goals of a product manager, while the goal of a project manager is to ensure smooth delivery of these products, projects, and features to end users. To achieve these objectives, it is essential to establish a product development process that facilitates seamless and timely product operations, from conceptualization, design, development, to delivery. Specifically, Cymetrics breaks down the overall process into the following parts:Requirement processDesign processDevelopment process

ChatGPT Hacking Basics

ChatGPT is incredibly easy to use, but its development team at OpenAI has restricted many answers related to security issues in order to prevent hackers from using ChatGPT for attacks. As a result, finding correct answers without crossing the line has become a new research topic for hackers and cybersecurity experts.The purpose of this article is to share some methods for obtaining answers from ChatGPT, which can be broadly classified into two categories: those that can be exploited by attackers and those that developers need to use for protection. While the implementation in the article is based on websites, these methods are not limited to website attacks and can be useful in various other areas of cybersecurity.

What is Supply Chain Attack?

What is a supply chain attack and where does it occur? What can we do to prevent it? Let's take a look at the possible attacks in the development process or what are the possible links to be attacked by the supply chain through real-life examples.

The five key factors that hinder SMBs from excellent cybersecurity

As small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) begin to embrace digital transformation, the lack of cybersecurity information for SMEs has become the best target for hackers. According to CISCO's Cybersecurity for SMBs:Asia Pacific Businesses Prepare for Digital Defense report, 56% of SMEs in the Asia-Pacific region (APJC) have experienced cyber security incidents in the past 12 months

How to Choose a Safe Exchange

Exchanges can be seen as the core of Web 3.0 centralized services, but in recent years, more and more cybersecurity incidents are surrounding exchanges. Therefore, it has become very important to find more scientific ways to choose exchanges instead of relying on own instincts.